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PlasticFree is building for a post-plastic economy. Everything we do empowers the global creative industry with the materials and systems they will need to challenge the status quo and redesign everything. 

We think beyond swapping out plastic for another material, and instead focus on the solutions that will drive transformational change at the brand, industry, and supply-chain level. 


Our work empowers all sides of industry, from design through to supply-chain.

In January 2023 we launched, the world’s first design tool for the future. Bringing thousands of scalable solutions and daily intelligence on circular design, next-gen materials, and systems of tomorrow. Today, we are in 23 countries and are proud to be the trusted authority for CPG brands, designers, and consultants to drive change.
We lead on category-defining plastic-free innovations for industry’s most complex design challenges. Partnering with major CPGs (consumer packaged goods), including Unilever, Kraft Heinz, and Reckitt, we actively co-solve challenges on both materials and systems alongside pioneering new creators, innovators, and brands.
We host high-impact global events and community meetups, bringing together progressive thinkers in design, science, materials, academia, and policy to challenge the status quo. Whether we are unveiling PlasticFree at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, or inspiring 450 creatives at the Parsons School of Design in New York, our work is about creating thought-provoking conversation that generates impact.


PlasticFree is the brainchild of A Plastic Planet, one of the most respected and vocal organisations in the plastic crisis. Founded in 2017, A Plastic Planet brings a fresh, pro-business, solutions-focused approach to the plastic crisis - working collaboratively with media, scientists, innovators, industry, legislators, governments, and the United Nations to accelerate the pace of change at all levels. A Plastic Planet's single goal is to turn off the plastic tap.


The radical reinvention of how we create everything is only possible through collaboration. PlasticFree is proud to be powered by our Creative and Science Advisory Council, featuring the world’s most informed and progressive leaders in science, design, journalism, law, and research.


The Future Now Collective is a group of progressive and planet-first businesses that believe there is an alternative and more collaborative way of doing business.

With a shared drive to use business as a tool for change, and a shared belief that our planet needs brave custodians within industry now more than ever, the Future NOW Collective has been created by PlasticFree to open up new opportunities, support collaboration, and apply top down pressure for policy change.


With decades of global sector leadership and operational expertise in both MNE and scaling environments, our team has led industry-defining change within consumer packaged goods, design, media, beauty, fashion, and sport.


Learn how to solve current and future design challenges within minutes. Stay ahead of future trends and innovations, and build groundbreaking projects.