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Sepimax Zen

Seppic’s Cosmetic Mixology concept / Source: Seppic
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It is not enough to strive for plastic-free packaging, while the contents are packed with invisible microplastics. Synthetic polymers, which do not fall into the specific microplastics classification, can still cause just as much harm when they reach the natural environment and it is high time the beauty industry cut them out.

Global ingredient manufacturer Seppic is making plastic-free formulation easier and more accessible than ever with Sepimax Zen. The non-microplastic polymer can be used in everything from shampoo to sunscreens, offering all the properties of its plasticky peers, but without the damage. Microplastics are a grey area, so while the ECHA would not class Sepimax Zen as a microplastic, others would. Clearer definitions are sorely needed, but we consider this inherently biodegradable ingredient to be a good improvement on the non-biodegradable products it is replacing.


Sepimax Zen


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