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Organic FFL Illipe Butter Range

Illipe butter in barrels / Source: ©Kemal Juffri for Panos Pictures
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Switching from liquid to solid cosmetic products - to help us move away from water-tight plastic packaging - requires ingredients that can be formed into, and stay in, solid forms. Illipe butter from Forestwise is a clean, organic, wild-harvested solid formulation offering.

It prioritises the conservation of the rainforests from which it comes, as well as the economic livelihoods of those who live there. The benefits are multiple, and can help ensure the increase in solid cosmetic products does not come with its own problems to solve. Scalability has to be considered, as increasing production on a global scale could lead to the same issues as those caused by palm oil, but Forestwise is creating a blueprint for how things should be done.


FFL Illipe Butter


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