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Olive Pit Powder

The first Olive Pit Powder prototypes for decorative cosmetics / Source: BioPowder
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Microplastics and food waste are taking their toll on our environment. So why not solve both problems with one product? Olive Pit Powder is a byproduct of the olive oil industry, manufactured to reduce waste and maximise natural resources. But it does not stop there. A multifunctional, natural plastic alternative, it can be used within beauty products as everything from an exfoliant to a colourant.

While many bio-based materials necessitate the cultivation of new crops, creating competition with the food chain, Olive Pit Powder unlocks the value in waste. It is a low-impact, high-value solution for plastic-free formulating to be aware of. We are just wondering what else Olive Pit Powder could be used for - could it be a solid?


Olive Pit Powder


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