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Mycelium is more than simply mushrooms. From the massive to the microscopic, it is absolutely everywhere. Pretty much all life on Earth is dependent on the branching structure that both literally and metaphorically connects everything together, and as a primary decomposer of biological matter, it is the biggest recycling system on the planet.

After hundreds of millions of years of working unseen, humans are starting to tap into its power, using mycelium for sustainable applications in every field you can imagine, from burgers and bricks to healthcare and handbags. Considering there are twice as many species of funga on the planet as plants, we have not even scratched the surface of what this miracle of nature can do.

Our one major caveat is that mycelium alone is a binary material that mostly needs others to help it become useful. Mycelium leather, for example, often uses petrochemical plastic in its manufacture. This is clearly not the right direction so we look forward to other uses - without the greenwash.


Haeckels’ mycelium packaging using agricultural waste / Source: Haeckels


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