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Moulded Fibre

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Used for packing eggs for over a century, moulded fibre was the unsung hero of plastic-free packaging solutions – until now. The material’s biodegradable, compostable and recyclable qualities, combined with cheap costs of production, are making it so popular that demand is outpacing supply.

Made from renewable raw materials, such as bagasse and bamboo, often derived from agri-waste, moulded fibre is seen as a sustainable alternative to plastics and innovations in pressing technology are helping it imitate the smooth look and feel of plastic too. So much so that luxury brands, such as Chanel and Apple are jumping on the bandwagon. Our main concern, however, is the need for liners and coatings to store liquids – liners and coatings that are predominantly fossil fuel-based. We look forward to significant advancements in this area, which are coming soon.



Moulded fibre egg carton / Source: Shutterstock


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