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Meiyume Molded Pulp

Moulded Pulp Range eyeshadow palette / Source: Meiyume
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Most pieces of packaging, especially those in the beauty space, are made up of many types of materials. These materials are often fused together and impossible to disassemble, meaning the packs cannot be cleaned and the materials cannot be disposed of efficiently. The result? Every foundation bottle, eyeshadow palette and lipstick ever used is most likely in landfill. Mono-material design is one solution and mono-material design without plastic is the gold standard.

Meiyume’s molded pulp range is working towards this standard, using this abundant, versatile and strong material to bring mono-material primary packaging solutions to market. While the idea is one to support, a lack of adoption and detailed information does have us questioning if this is too good to be true.


Meiyume Molded Pulp


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