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DEA Series

Baralan's DEA series – airless glass packaging / Source: Baralan
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Air-tight packaging is an imperative in the beauty industry. It helps prolong the shelf life of a product, ensures unstable, active ingredients aren’t exposed to oxygen, and protects formulas from skin contamination.

However, most airless packs are made from plastic – both the outer packaging and an inner plastic bag – as well as myriad components that mean the packaging can’t be disassembled and disposed of responsibly. Baralan is changing this narrative, and its new DEA series sees airless glass containers come to the fore. Formulas are housed directly in the glass, and the company has designed for refill to ensure small components such as pumps can be easily reused. Given that glass is inert and highly recycled, we’re amazed this hasn’t been done before.



DEA Series


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