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Natural Fiber Welding

NFW materials / Source: Natural Fiber Welding
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The scale and urgency of the plastic crisis and the amount of greenwashing surrounding it, means that when we find the real deal we will not be shy in telling you. And Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) is one of the companies that we are most excited about.

This is not some fanciful future either; it is in production already, scaling up its vision to reinvent the entire global system of materials. NFW's ‘shockingly sustainable’ materials come from nature’s own supply chain, with zero compromise, zero toxins, zero petrochemicals and zero plastics. We are not the only believers either. NFW has now raised over USD 150 million to scale rapidly from companies, such as Ralph Lauren, BMW and Allbirds. The only caveat? The waiting list is long and growing with every successful product launch.



Pliant / Source: Natural Fiber Welding


We’ve selected the world’s most INNOVATIVE makers of plastic free materials to work with us. Connect with global brands and designers to CREATE WHAT’S NEXT.