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Circular Systems

Agraloop fabrics / Source: Circular Systems
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We love to champion those that are bucking the old system, and Circular Systems are definitely pushing for change, aiming to create a family of circular and regenerative products that capture waste and turn it into sources of value for the fashion industry.

We like what we see so far, so long as petrochemical plastics are not part of the process or the final product. Circular Systems is known for its light-touch mechanical cotton recycling and its ability to turn abundant but typically wasted agricultural by-products into yarns and fibres, which explains why the company has caught the eye of some big fashion giants. Now, with new licensing agreements in place to scale production, our main questions are how big, how uncompromised, and how fast can Circular Systems become?



Agraloop processing stages / Source: Circular Systems


We’ve selected the world’s most INNOVATIVE makers of plastic free materials to work with us. Connect with global brands and designers to CREATE WHAT’S NEXT.