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Pangaia x Timberland

The Pangaia x Timberland footwear capsule / Source: Timberland
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Yasmin Ahmed

Footwear is a notorious culprit in the fashion industry's share of the world's plastic crisis. With over 22 billion pairs of shoes produced in 2021, and sparse end-of-life options, our shoes all-too-often end up in landfill, adding to the waste pile-up.

Enter materials science company Pangaia, this time joining forces with outdoor apparel retailer Timberland to debut a footwear collection "designed with nature in mind." The capsule merges modular design with a brand-first returns system for circularity, revamping Timberland's iconic boot by incorporating natural materials, such as banana fibre, and a vibrant colour palette. This joint venture is the latest in a series of brand partnerships on Pangaia's roster, uniting with forward-thinking labels and industry disruptors to pave the way for stylish and sustainable fashion. And we're so here for it.


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