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The Pioneers: UNLESS Collective reveals the first regenerative sneaker made entirely from plants

DEGENERATE in off-white / Source: UNLESS Collective
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Nate Tyler

It is estimated that synthetic fashion fibres will grow to 73% of total fibre production globally by 2030, with polyester making up 85%. Considering that fashion production is expected to grow by 40 million tonnes in the same time frame, we drastically need to replace our plastic-filled fibre basket with natural alternatives to stem the flow of toxins entering both our environment and our bodies. 

Enter UNLESS Collective, the US-based regenerative fashion company making apparel and footwear from all plants, no plastic. Dedicated to the streetwear market, UNLESS connects material, design, manufacturing and composting within its own supply chain, working at the beginning to design products from the elements that go back to the elements, and at the end to ensure all of its products do just that. A truly holistic circle and a prime example of extended producer responsibility (EPR) done right. 

To better understand how a fashion brand can combine style with substance, without sacrificing performance, we sat down with UNLESS Collective on the launch of its new 100% bio-based DEGENERATE sneaker. Discover how a partnership with PlasticFree favourite NFW, attention to detail, and a design brief that goes beyond the item itself can lead to a product with more than face value. 



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