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The Pioneers: Joey Pringle is Bringing Nutrient-Based Materials to the Chinese Market

NFW x Veshin handbag / Source: Veshin
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Sophie Benson

Joey Pringle left his design job and moved to China to set up a factory. But not just any factory, one that specialises in manufacturing products from innovative, next generation materials.

Veshin was founded with the goal of helping brands go animal free but, thanks to a savvy partnership with Natural Fiber Welding, maker of nutrient-based material Mirum, it's fast become a leader in plastic-free manufacturing too.

'Vegan fashion' is a tricky concept environmentally because what you gain from moving away from animal leather, you often lose in a reliance on plastic. Initially, Pringle was happy to "swallow the plastic poison" if it meant being able to ditch animal leather. However, his high expectations for progression and transparency, and a desire to attract big brands to his factory converged, and Veshin is now the name to know if you want boundary-pushing, animal-free, plastic-free production. We sat down with Pringle to discuss how Veshin evolved.


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