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Intelligence: AI as a Peer, Collaborator, and Sustainability Tool

AI generated plates 'made' from e-waste / Source: Space10
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Sophie Benson

AI has been hailed as both the future and the end of creativity. The astronomical rate at which it has been adopted is testament to its incredible potential. Understandably, however, it has also provoked a panic of sorts as individuals, governments, and institutions question the ethics and implications of the technology.

A report by Goldman Sachs stated that AI could replace the equivalent of 300 million full time jobs, and an open letter by the Future of Life Institute that calls for a pause of at least six months of “the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4” has so far been signed by over 33,000 people including Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk, and Rachel Bronson. 

Such a powerful technology should be implemented with caution, but there are myriad ways in which AI can be embraced successfully by designers to improve everything from visualisation to efficiency. Design and creativity necessarily adapt to emerging technologies and in viewing AI as a tool rather than a threat, savvy designers can future-proof their practice and unlock a new level of design proficiency. 



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