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Curated Collection: Plastic Free Encapsulation

Notpla sachets / Source: Notpla
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Mayer Nissim

Our constant drive for convenience has spurred the adoption of single-dose products across industries. From single-serve sachets of ketchup and capsules of washing powder, to pre-dosed droplets of skincare, we like it when things are measured out for us. 

In both the food and cosmetic space, mono-doses require small yet powerful pieces of packaging that can protect these tiny portions from contamination, locking in freshness until they're ready to be used. As with most packaging, the solution has predominantly been found in plastic, from multi-layered, acid-proof condiment wrappers to dissolvable, PLA coatings, and these small plastic packs are littering our planet without any hope of recapture or reuse. In fact, as A Plastic Planet highlights with its Sack the Sachet campaign, 855 billion single-use sachets are produced every year, and all are in landfill. 

Unsurprisingly, nature offers us alternative solutions, and disruptive brands and material innovators are finding new ways to encapsulate wide ranges of products and formulas without fossil fuels. From the jelly-like bubble of algae to solidified vitamins and botanicals, discover five single-dose solutions that are delivering on-demand without the impact. 


We’ve selected the world’s most INNOVATIVE makers of plastic free materials to work with us. Connect with global brands and designers to CREATE WHAT’S NEXT.