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Changing the System: The Future is Prefill

Re refill station in M&S / Source: Re
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Sophie Benson

The linear, plastic packaging system is a direct route to waste. Materials, sourced under increasing environmental stress, are used for just a short window (sometimes minutes) before emerging at the other end of the line as pollution. We’re overdue a system change.

We tend to imagine they will come in a futuristic format, but it’s often the case that we already had the perfect system and replaced it. Take prefill, it’s not a term everyone is familiar with, but in fact most of us are familiar with the concept thanks to the traditional milk round: prefilled Glass bottles are delivered to your door, you use the contents, and then leave the bottles out for cleaning and reuse. It’s a simple and efficient system that served us well for over a century and one that could solve many of the problems created by modern packaging. 


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