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Plastic Waste Free World

9-10 November 2022Cologne, Germany
Sian Sutherland, co-founder of PlasticFree and A Plastic Planet / Source: A Plastic Planet

PlasticFree co-founder, Sian Sutherland, will be delivering the keynote address at Plastic Waste Free World Conference.

Titled, Let’s Create What's Next: Can your industry step up to its rightful position as the ultimate tool of change?, Sutherland will inspire the audience to embrace their role in the fight against plastic. 

Plastic Waste Free World Conference and Expo brings together over 3,000 people from the entire supply chain including manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, material experts, government officials, NGOS, the recycling industry and the plastics sector. The two-day event presents an unbiased opportunity to explore the complex issue of moving away from plastic, offering a wide range of new technologies, materials and business practices to discover. 

Keynote address: 9th November, 9am.

9–10 November 2022
Cologne, Germany