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Our Incredible Future NOW - London Design Biennale

6 June 2023London, UK
Somerset House, home of the London Design Biennale 2023 / Source: Dezeen
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PlasticFree is proud to join the public programme of this year's London Design Biennale. 'Our Incredible FUTURE NOW: Why are we still talking about the problem when we have so many answers?' will urge you to rethink, redesign and remake everything. 

It's never been a better, or more important, time to be a creative, and creatives are the catalyst for change. Our extraordinary speakers will discuss their extraordinary visions of a new future that is happening TODAY. From material innovation to brand power, learn how you can be a part of this brilliant and optimistic revolution that will change how we live, now and in the future. 

Panel will take place at 1pm - 2pm on 6 June at King's College. 

The Artistic Direction for next year's London Design Biennale will be led by PlasticFree Advisory Council Member, and Het Nieuwe Instituut General and Artistic Director, Aric Chen.