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Dieline Conference 2022

20 October 2022New York, US
BeautyFood & BeverageNorth America

PlasticFree co-founder Sian Sutherland delivered the keynote speech at the Dieline 2022 Summit, with a kick-ass presentation focused on why we are already in a new revolution that’s bigger than any revolution that precedes it. A revolution that is happening at extraordinary speed.

Any talk that starts with ‘The Plastic Crisis is a Gift’ was clearly going to wake a few people up and we hope empower the global creative community to step into a new level of responsibility and determination to be the visionaries they trained to be.

No more branded trash. No more making stuff pretty to sell more. No more slick campaigns making us feel inadequate unless we buy or use the products pushed. No more fake sustainability. It’s time the creative industry dig deep into their extraordinary power to create what's next and turn off the plastic tap.