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Create What's Next Conference

2 February 2023New York, USA
Parsons School of Design / Source: Dezeen
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Our Incredible Future NOW.

Why are we still talking about the problem when we have so many answers?

Creatives have always had an unparalleled power and impact on the world. But the urgent need for this superpower to be ignited, inspired and re-channeled into designing entire new systems and ideas has never been more needed. Our Incredible Future NOW event will catapult you into this new world of infinite possibility, reinvigorate you with energy and optimism, to use your visionary skills to rethink everything.

Join us for this fast-paced series of talks from those maverick creative action-makers across multiple disciplines who are moving us from yet more words, pledges and pacts to a fast moving conveyor belt of actual change. Those brave enough to create what’s next.

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Don't be left behind. We need you.

In partnership with Parsons School of Design

2 February 2023
New York, USA